Quick note about Ready to Ship

Hello, hello! I’d like to give you all a heads up about restocking over the next few weeks. I am neck deep in inventory prep for my first show of the year (early March) , and will be adjusting my restock schedule for my Etsy shop in the meantime. What does this means for you?

More colorways! I’ll be dyeing around 5 self-striping and 5 speckled/variegated colorways each week! Yay!

Limited batches... Because I need to start holding items to build up show inventory, I will only be listing 1-2 skeins from each colorway on Etsy. Boo, I know. :( 

Ongoing updates! I’ll be listing items as they dry and are skeined, ready to ship. Instagram is still the best way to follow along and see what I’m working on. However, I probably won’t announce every single new listing when it hits the shop, so please check the shop regularly to see what’s in stock. Sort of yay, for no cart-jacking?

 I expect the next 6-ish weeks to be the “worst” in terms of limited batches. Once this first show has passed and I have a baseline to start with for later show inventories, I should be able to start listing much more online again. Thank you all for your patience as I ramp up this year! I am so excited for things to come in 2018 and can’t wait to share them with you along the way.