Launched in 2016 as an outlet for color and creativity, Redbird Yarn Studio offers fun, beautiful, and unique yarn for makers who crave color and simplicity in their projects. 

Poke around and you'll find self-striping sock yarn, coordinated sets with heel/toe mini-skeins, and a few surprises! New colorways are added regularly. If you'd like advance notice of shop updates, please fellow the shop on Instagram.

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What is Redbird?

Redbird is an indie-dye studio based in Columbus, Ohio that specializes in self-striping sock yarn. All products in the shop are warped, dyed, and wound by hand.

Whose hands are those?

Mine! My name is Liana. I've been knitting for more than 10 years, and crocheting for at least 20 (I'm a little fuzzy on the details... my mother taught me a very long time ago). Dyeing my own yarn started as a curiosity and bloomed into a small business! I love small, portable projects like socks, and now that I've discovered the joy of self-striping yarns, I haven't looked back.

I'll confess I'm lazy when it comes to knitting projects. The fewer fiddly bits I have to manage (i.e. yarn ends that need woven in...), the more likely I am to actually finish a project. Self-striping yarns were a revelation for me. All the fun of striped socks, without the millions of ends to weave in?? I'll take one of everything, please and thanks.

My days are spent in the corporate world, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming up new colorways. You'll find me in my home studio most evenings, where I sketch and test and dye and wind and forget I have to be at work again the next morning.

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Questions about the yarn? Check out the FAQs page, or you can ask through the Contact form.